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Associate Degree Program

This is a two-year program designed to promote personal development by giving students a solid foundation for the Christian faith.

Courses of study offer good, practical principles to build effective Christian lifestyle and service. Courses are designed to promote development and use of skills and techniques relevant to each student's area(s) of ministry.

Building on the foundation of the first year, the curriculum of year two emphasizes the application of Biblical principles in the life of the believer. Hence, the student actually demonstrates qualities of Christian leadership. Upon completion of the courses in year two, the student will receive an Associate Degree equivalent to 60/66 credits.

Associates (Biblical Studies)

Minimum 60 hours of study or its equivalent.
Family Bible
Church Fellowship
Sunday Worship Service: 9am
Miracles, Signs, Wonders with Deliverance and Celebration through Biblical Education

Wednesday Service: 7pm
Wholeness through Biblical Education

Apostle's Appreciation Day: 3pm
Every fifth Sunday 


Straight Talk: 7am 
Every Saturday Morning for Kingdom Leaders with Backbone

General Assembly: 7am
Every third Saturday 

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