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Bachelor Degree Program

The purpose of the Bachelor’s program at the University of Family Bible & Institute, College, and Seminary of Counseling is to provide professional theological education for the equipping of persons for effective service in Christian ministries throughout the world.

This program of studies leading to a Bachelor’s degree is designed for qualified candidates who are engaged in full-time and related ministries. The purpose of the program is to help the candidates grow in their understanding and interpretation of the Church’s ministry in relation to Biblical, historical, theological, ethical and practical areas. The candidates are also challenged to develop their ministerial skills and refine and articulate a theological spirit-filled ministry while in a setting of ministry.

A special feature of the Bachelor’s program is to enable the candidates to understand the positive and problematic developments in the spirit-filled fundamental dimensions of the ministry.

Under special advisement, candidates will choose their areas of specialization and will do their Bachelor work within that area.

All candidates accepted into the Bachelor’s Program are required to have already obtained an Associate Degree equivalent to 60/66 credits. Upon completing the third (3rd) year Bachelor’s program, the student earns a certificate equivalent to 90/99 credits. Completion of the fourth (4th) year Bachelor’s program affords the student a Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to 120/132 credits.

Prerequisite: Associate Degree

Bachelor (Theology, Biblical Studies, Biblical Education)

Additional 60 Credits totaling a minimum of 120

*Straight Talk

We Who Refused to Be

  • Removed
  • Discouraged
  • Worried
  • Lonely
  • Depressed
  • Dissatisfied
  • Confused
  • Tempted

But We are

  • Decided
  • Focused
  • Prepared
  • Excited

With A clear

  • Purpose
  • Assignment
  • Destiny

Time changes, But a commitment to the Good Lord God is always in season Keep Your Testimony Alive Christ the same Yesterday, Today and Forever

Apostle Bishop Eddie A. Montgomery Ph.D.
Prophet Cassandra A. Montgomery Ph. D.

This couple is charged and gifted with discernment by God to encourage and motivate the people to achieve and maximize their God given potential. As two of God's anointed and appointed visionaries, they lead a team of qualified leaders who are committed to God's Word and the Ministry Vision. Click Here to learn more about Straight Talk.
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