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Counseling Program


Entering into the ministry of counseling is a very important step. Why? Because in counseling, one is dealing with the emotions and personal affairs of others. Counseling is a ministry that comes with a lot of responsibility, and limitless possibilities. Therefore, it behooves us to not come into this ministry half-heartedly and, consequently, possibly cause more harm than good.

Many counselors (Christian and non-Christian) have completed secular counseling training programs. Few of them are even aware of the field of Christian Counseling. Why should they even consider it? Because counseling, by itself, addresses the mental and emotional sides of an individual; whereas Christian Counseling also takes into consideration the spiritual well-being of an individual. In other words, Christian Counseling addresses the ‘whole’ individual, and not certain parts. Therefore, a counselor who has been trained in a Christian Counseling program has a much greater responsibility to and for the individuals they counsel, as opposed to a counselor who has only been trained in a secular counseling program.

Though a counselor’s training is very important, it is not the only aspect a counselor should consider when entering the Christian Counseling ministry. Below are just a few of the aspects that an individual should consider before making a final decision to enter into the Christian Counseling ministry:

One must know that he/she has been called, anointed, and appointed by God to be a Christian Counselor.

One must understand the responsibility and accountability one has to others in the Christian Counseling Ministry.

One must comprehend the legal implications of one’s counseling, training, and research.

One must be familiar with the social and cultural issues that one will address in their counseling ministry.

The Christian Counseling program offered by the University of Family Bible addresses the “whole” individual. The program is designed to train and equip individuals to become certified and/or licensed temperament, as well as Christian and Pastoral counselors. Additionally, Master’s and Doctorate degree programs are available.

Sarasota Academy Of Christian Counseling (S.A.C.C.)

Many pastors and lay-persons have a heart for counseling, and the opportunity to enhance their vital counseling skills that will help them minister to their congregation members, friends, and the public at large is currently available. When they counsel, they want to know that they will make a difference.

The Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling of Sarasota, Florida, was established by Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno in order to meet the growing need of individuals desiring to obtain counseling skills that, when applied, will make a difference. Drs. Arno understands the fact that “we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our God who created the heavens and the earth, and we are very special and unique.” In light of this fact, they have designed Creation Therapy Counseling Program - the key that will give you a better understanding of this uniqueness. It will help you to understand why people do the things they do and act the way they act.

Creation Therapy is a new approach to counseling that deals with the inner man rather than outer manifestations or problems. Creation Therapy will teach you how to identify the “hidden” problems and how to counsel those who turn to you for help.

Creation Therapy works when other counseling methods fail because rather than spending session after session in an attempt to correct “symptoms,” the counselor follows a step-by-step counseling procedure developed to “target” the source of the problem(s). Creation Therapy, utilizing the Arno Profile System, is also successful because it provides the counselee with a session-by-session plan so they will know, in advance, what to expect at each session. Providing the counselee with a “plan of action” cuts down on cancellations because it removes the fear of the unknown. In addition, it provides an immediate sense of stability and renewed hope that “There is a plan. A course of action has been developed. Everything is going to be okay.”

University of Family Bible is offering the CREATION THERAPY COUNSELING PROGRAM.

Completion of the Creation Therapy Counseling Program provides the student with the skills and benefits to: identify individual temperament needs, determine temperament perfections and imperfections, identify what causes relationship conflicts and how to resolve them, implement a successful five-step method for counseling, understand the benefits of the Arno Profile System, and certification to administer the A.P.S.

Persons who successfully complete the program qualify for membership in the S.A.C.C. Being a member of the S.A.C.C. provides authorization to administer and use the APS. Membership categories offered by the S.A.C.C. include:

Certified Member.............................................Non-clergy
Certified Pastoral Member...............................Clergy

Individuals who have successfully completed the Creation Therapy program are eligible, through Family Bible’s University and the National Christian Counselors Association, to pursue degrees and licensing in Christian and/or Pastoral Counseling.


Credits earned are applied towards a degree

Phase I Counseling Program
Creation Therapy Counseling – Phase I Part A
Students fulfilling the Creation Therapy Counseling and all biblical requirements will receive fifteen (15) credit hours. Prior to, students should have completed their Arno Profile System (APS). In addition, students will be certified to administer the Arno Profile System (APS). Phase I, Part A consist of:
CO-707- Temperament Theory 3 Credit Hours
CO-708-Temperament Therapy 3 Credit Hours
CO-709-Testing and Measurements 3 Credit Hours
CO-715-Maximizing Your Potential (Advised Elective) 3 Credit Hours
CO-716-Insight for Leadership (General Assembly) 3 Credit Hours
Total: 15 Credit Hours

Phase II- Counseling Program
Pre-requisite: Completion of Phase I Counseling Program. Students fulfilling the Phase II Counseling program and all biblical requirements will be certified or licensed Pastoral / Pastoral Clinical Counselors, depending upon the student’s degree level. Part of your requirement, you have to administer 15 APS at $30 each per clients expense.
CO 810- Mastering Pastoral Counseling Utilizing Temperament 3 Credit Hours
CO 820- Counseling the Codependent: A Christian Perspective 3 Credit Hours
CO 815- Temperament Case Studies 3 Credit Hours
CO 821- Advised Electives / Practicum 3 Credit Hours
CO 822- Insight for Leadership (General Assembly) 3 Credit Hours
Total: 15 Credit Hours

*All candidates are required to have current ministerial credentials in order to be credentialed as a certified, licensed, or pastoral counselor by the National Christian Counselors Association. If you do not currently hold ministerial credentials, you may contact University Family Bible @ 410-455-0678. *Prices subject to change.

Phase III- Board Certification
Integrated Marriage & Family Therapy
CPSY 922- Marriage and Family Counseling 3 Credit Hours
CPSY 923- Integrated Temperament Couple Therapy 3 Credit Hours
CPSY 924- Pre-marriage Counseling with Temperament 3 Credit Hours
CPSY 925- The Father-Daughter Connection 3 Credit Hours
Total: 12 Credit Hours
All books, materials, and tuition
Temperament Therapist (Two courses to be completed)
CPSY 930- Life’s Answers through Counseling with God 3 Credit Hours
CPSY 935- Living in the Spirit 3 Credit Hours
Total: 6 Credit Hours
All books, materials, and tuition
Group Therapist
Group Therapy 3 Credit Hours
Total: 3 Credit Hours
The book, material, and tuition
* In addition, there are other board certifications that are being offered. *The credits for this program are a total of 63 credit hours.
*Prices subject to change.

Phase I Counseling Program
Phase I Part B
Students fulfilling the Phase I Part B Counseling and all biblical requirements for this course will receive fifteen (15) credit hours and become a certified Temperament Counselor. Part of your requirement, you have to administer 10 APS at $30 each per clients expense. Phase I, Part B consists of:
CO-705-Basic Christian Counseling 3 Credit Hours
CO- 706-Christian Psychology & Counseling 3 Credit Hours
CO-710-Practicum & Board Examine 3 Credit Hours
CO-715a-Maximizing Your Potential (Advised Elective) 3 Credit Hours
CO-716b-Insight for Leadership (General Assembly) 3 Credit Hours
Total: 15 Credit Hours

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