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Family Bible Church Fellowship

MEMBERS ARE some of the most important people in the C.F.F.B. Without the members, there would be no need for the church ministry and leadership team.

MEMBERS ARE more than church statistics, they are children of God with feelings and emotions like our own. Therefore, we treat them like a child of God.

MEMBERS ARE not a toleration, but they are an appreciation and a celebration. They are precious, so we take responsibilities in providing proper guidance and leadership that they may grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Good Lord God.

MEMBERS ARE not dependent on us. Rather, we are dependent on one another in terms of our facilitating, teaching, instructing and responsibilities to carrying out the Great Commission.

MEMBERS must know they are not an interruption to the C.F.F.B. ministry, but the purpose of our ministry. We are co-laborers together with Christ Jesus. Therefore we are favored with the great opportunity to share the biblical studies and worship of this church with our members.

*Straight Talk

We Who Refused to Be

  • Removed
  • Discouraged
  • Worried
  • Lonely
  • Depressed
  • Dissatisfied
  • Confused
  • Tempted

But We are

  • Decided
  • Focused
  • Prepared
  • Excited

With A clear

  • Purpose
  • Assignment
  • Destiny

Time changes, But a commitment to the Good Lord God is always in season Keep Your Testimony Alive Christ the same Yesterday, Today and Forever

Apostle Bishop Eddie A. Montgomery Ph.D.
Prophet Cassandra A. Montgomery Ph. D.

This couple is charged and gifted with discernment by God to encourage and motivate the people to achieve and maximize their God given potential. As two of God's anointed and appointed visionaries, they lead a team of qualified leaders who are committed to God's Word and the Ministry Vision. Click Here to learn more about Straight Talk.
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