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A Word From The Apostle Bishop

I believe that the greatest impact that we as believers will have on our society is a demonstrated Christ-like humility, which is developed through allegiance to and appreciation and application of the Word of God.

Welcome to University of Family Bible Institute, College, & Seminary. As you walk through these pages, you will realize that the purpose of this school is to develop "SERVANTS" for the Lord Jesus Christ through in-depth study and obedience to the Bible, God's Word. Through the in-depth study of God's Word, Family Bible's students will develop a deeper and more profound understanding of what God wants Christians to do. Family Bible is exuberant and excited with the anticipation of aiding and developing spirit-filled servants of Christ.

Within a loving family atmosphere since 1976, we provide a biblically balanced education that promotes leadership through servantry. Family Bible is committed to teaching God's Word; this commitment is the nucleus of our mission. We have a spirit-filled, stimulating curriculum, which will enhance the daily lives of our students spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Therefore, the emphasis of our curriculum is producing students who are growing in grace through the knowledge of the truth. When each student graduates, he/she will rejoice in having a solid, substantial understanding of God's Word.

As President of this Biblical Institute of higher learning, my joy is greatly fulfilled as we observe students rightly dividing the Word of Truth in the spirit of meekness and in love. It is our continued prayer that we here at the University of Family Bible Institute, College & Seminary and through the power of the Holy Spirit, will continue to communicate God's Word. The ultimate objective of this communication is that our students be transformed more and more into the image of His Son, "The Lord Jesus Christ."

In Jesus' Name,

Apostle Bishop Eddie A. Montgomery, D. Min., D.Div., D. Th., Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.
Family Bible
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