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A Word From The Overseers

Apostle Bishop Eddie A. Montgomery, Ph.D.
Prophet Bishop Cassandra A. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Bless the Lord! Bless the Lord!! Bless the Lord!!! Greetings in the Blessed Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is with great excitement that I share with you the vision that has been given to Family Bible Ministries, Worldwide HDQ ...

We, as Christians, often can easily spot the problems of the community, and all the things that are wrong. But, what about the solutions to the problems?

What is the solution to crime, homelessness, drugs, gangs, violence, and all those other things that are considered 'undesirable' in our society?

First and foremost, we have to reach out to people and let them know that we care. We have to give them the same love that Christ gave us. For example, take the time to talk to that teenage mother and father who now find themselves with a child, no working skills, and no means of supporting themselves and the baby--except through funds provided by church-based organizations and government agencies. Approach them and let them know that you understand what they're going through, and that you want to help. This will lead to the next part of the solution which is . . .

Mentoring and Nurturing. Once you have offered to help, and the individuals accept, you are now placed into a position where male mentoring and female nurturing can begin. You can rebuild self-esteem, teach how to be a parent, and direct these individuals to career training programs so that they can learn to support themselves and their family.

Now, instead of these people being considered 'undesirable' in society, they are examples and models to others of how to overcome their circumstances. They are now also in the position to help prevent others from falling into the same circumstances which they have overcome.

At Family Bible Ministries Worldwide, we have Evangelists who are reaching out to help those in need and we have a Christian Counseling Service that provides nurturing and discipline based upon the Word of God. The counseling teaches individuals how to overcome and find solutions to their problems. We have a career development program designed to train individuals by providing them with valuable working skills and so much more. Family Bible is community-based and serves as an emergency resource network designed to assist in any situation.

Above are just a few of the tools that God has placed in this Ministry in order to portray the love of Christ to others, help them in their time of need, and make our society a better place in which to live. We at Family Bible have been chosen by God to coordinate and facilitate the winning of a billion souls to Christ. We aspire to achieve this by utilizing the tools placed in this Ministry to help those in need, to the glory of God our Father.

Help Us With The 3-Billion Souls Campaign of the Lord.

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